Designa och Tryck Pins online

Pins, buttons, name tags – these handy little gadgets are good for many things. They can function as advertising, as nameplates, or as support in various campaigns. We often see them in contexts where someone wants to promote something, whether it's an event, a company or an election.

Steg-för-steg guide för att designa Pins

Designa Pins i 3 enkla steg:

Följ vår enkla guide för att smidigt designa Pins.

  1. Välj en av våra Pins och starta designverktyget.
  2. Färgval: Välj en färg som förstärker ditt budskap.
  3. Uppladdning: Lägg till bilder, logotyper eller text inom tryckområdet.

Design pins with your own print

We at love pins and we have produced a bunch of different variants that you can design all by yourself. Self-designed pins are great for those who want to design unique decorations or advertising. They are easy to use and an effective way to spread information about you and your brand - just by wearing them on the jacket.

Unique pins with print

We at have made it easy to design your own, unique pins. We use products that are of high quality - that both look good and last for a very long time. We use high-quality printing methods that create stunning results, so you can wear your stylish pins with pride.

We have also developed a tool that makes it easier than ever to design products and clothes - namely our product designer. It's a unique tool that streamlines the way you design your clothes, so you don't have to learn a complicated program or read a manual.

Order pins with logo

So, what exactly are pins? Well, they are small, or large, buttons that you attach to clothes, bags or accessories with the help of a safety pin, which is attached to the button itself. Pins are extremely popular as merchandise for various bands and you often see music lovers with loads of pins pinned to their jackets. But pins are also used to promote things other than music. During presidential elections, campaigns or at various events, companies or organizations can use pins as advertising. Most often, the pin is handed out to visitors and encouraged to wear the buttons to support the business.

So if you're planning an event, perhaps a wedding or a big party, you can take the opportunity to print your own pins for your guests to wear! It's a fun idea for a 50th birthday party, or a family reunion perhaps? Make your event unique and design pins for guests to wear and keep as a keepsake!

We help you print pins

Here at you can print pins for all occasions! We also offer a wide range of other products and garments that you can design yourself. It's as easy as it gets, all you have to do is upload your motifs and logos into our product designer and place them on your product - we'll take care of the rest! We also offer ready-made motifs, texts and prints for those who just want to try designing something personal.

When you're happy with your design, all you have to do is place your order, and it's done! Your order is printed, packaged and delivered directly to your home in no time. Printing pins with logos has never been easier! Unleash your creativity and design pins with us at

Vanliga frågor om Pins med eget tryck

Hur designar man egna Pins?

Med kan du trycka egna Pins helt efter ditt egna tycke och smak. Med hjälp av vårt designverktyg kan du ladda upp dina egna motiv, välja bland färdiga motiv och lägga till text med flera olika typsnitt som vi erbjuder.

Vad kostar det att designa egna Pins?

Tack vare kan du räkna ut vad ditt pris blir direkt i vårt designverktyg. Ditt pris baseras på produktens basbelopp plus antal tryckområden som du väljer. Ditt pris visas alltid live i vårt designverktyg och gör det enkelt för dig att uppskatta vad det kostar att designa egna Pins.

Hur många Pins kan jag beställa?

På har vi ingen minsta ordermängd. Oavsett hur många Pins du behöver så ser vi till på att hjälpa dig med ditt behov. Vi är stolta över att erbjuda flera olika Pins utan några minimums.

Kan jag beställa flera Pins i olika färger med samma design?

Självklart! När du är färdig med att designa din produkt kan du enkelt gå tillbaka till vårt designverktyg. Där kan du designa en produkt till med en ny färg eller välja bland andra olika Pins.

Vad kostar det att trycka på Pins?

På räknas tryckkostnaderna ut helt automatiskt och baseras på antal tryckområden du väljer. Du hittar alltid kostnaderna för tryck på Pins direkt i vårt designverktyg.